Human Vending Machine

Yuri Maeda
University of the Sacred Heart ESS

"Three or four" "Maybe even five"

"We longed for children of our own. We would give our children the love and attention, everything we can give. I love my husband and he loves me. We promised. We want our own children."

Mayumi said to me with serious face. She is my friend I met while I was working at the hospital. She told me how she was full of dreams when she married her beloved husband 3 years ago. But now her dream are scattered into a thousand pieces. She is what we call sterile (Funinsho). It is said that one out of every 50 couples find themselves sterile. Right now in Japan, there are two choices for those people who really want a child. Either to adopt a child or to get an operation. But now there is a new, advanced way.

That is to use a surrogate mother. All you have to do is to plant a fertilized egg into a surrogate mother. There is no worry of passing on the surrogate mother's gene. The mothers do not have to go through 10 months of pregnancy with a big stomach but can get her own child. In the United States they established an organization that sponsors surrogate mothers and it is a big hit. It is starting to settle into their society.

In Japan, surrogate mothering is not approved by law. But the number of people going to the United States to have their baby delivered by surrogate mother is increasing. So far, 4 Japanese babies have been born. And there are 9 couples on the waiting list. I can guarantee that the usage of surrogate mother will increase more in Japan. Right now, the Ministry of Health and Welfare does not know how to react to this problem. But in the near future, a branch of the surrogate mother company will open in Japan. Now my friends, what do you think about surrogate mothering? Can we leave this problem as it is? Can we leave this in the hands of commerce? No! I think it is time we think about this thoroughly.

In the United States, they are already faced with some serious problems. One surrogate mother starts a claim that a baby she bore is hers. Also there is a case that the baby became AIDS infected because the surrogate mother had AIDS. Now nobody wants that poor baby. There is no guarantee that every baby they deliver will be healthy and perfect. Always there is a 3% of risk of having a disabled child. This will create more orphans. How will a child feel when he grows up?

For me, surrogate motherhood is like a human vending machine. All you have to do is to put fertilized egg into a surrogate mother vending machine and voila! You get a baby. Now, don't you think there is something very wrong about this?

Again human are dealing with the subject which should be left to nature. Once a scientist said, "with every new advancement is made in technology we are one step closer to our own destruction." We are destroying ourselves with our own hands. I believe there is a certain limit to everything and now we are beyond that limitation.

I met my friend Mayumi a year later. Now she is full of hope and joy. No, she did not sign up for waiting list for surrogate mother but signed up for adoption. She said she would give all the love and attention she can like she promised with her husband before her marriage.

Now my friends, I believe that we are at the point to consider about this problem seriously. Is there any necessity to go against the natural phenomenon?

"They took the forbidden fruit and ate it! They took to themselves the prerogative of deciding what is Good, and what is Evil. In so doing, they rejected the God - centered way of God's Spiritual Law, and, rejecting it, of necessity they chose the way that transgresses it!"

Has man progressed to the point where he is about to destroy himself?

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