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Mission Statement

TheSpeechSite.com is devoted to students of public speaking in the English language. It is specifically aimed at helping high school and college students, both native and non-native, who take part in speech contests, forensics contests, etc. To that end, archives of English speeches, both by famous speakers and by students, and various other learning materials are available.
It should be noted that TheSpeechSite.com is operated out of Japan. Therefore, the majority of the material comes from English language speech contests held in Japan, and is primarily aimed at students taking part in such contests.
However, we welcome submissions, such as contest-winning speeches and speech-writing manuals/textbooks, from any and all countries. The only conditions are as follows:
All submitted items will be reviewed. If judged to be suitable for TheSpeechSite.com, then we will gladly put it up.
Note: When submitting material for review, please send it as a zipped attachment to an e-mail. Do not send raw Microsoft Word files or other files directly attached to your e-mail. If you don't know what "zipped" means, please send us an e-mail and we will explain.

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